Injection Molding

Viceroy's Injection Moulding department currently consists of 12 injection moulding machines in the Toronto plant and 7 injection moulding machines in the B.C. plant. The machines in the Toronto plant range from 80 ton to 700 ton and in the B.C. plant from 60 ton to 385 ton. Both plants are equipped to process various types of resins from basic resins such as polyethylene through specialty resins such as glass-filled Nylons, PC-ABS, etc.

Viceroy specializes in post moulding operations such as drilling, cutting, painting, printing, assembly, packing etc. We have a separate department for these operations equipped with its own jigs/fixtures tool room. We also offer our customers the ability to warehouse and drop-ship directly to their customers. Types of projects Viceroy have been involved in include: housewares, electronic parts, automotive, furniture parts and toys.

Viceroy prides itself in being able to innovate methods to produce customer' products more efficiently with higher quality.