About Us

For over 75 years Viceroy has been established as a manufacturer/marketer of high quality rubber and plastics products.

Viceroy is a privately owned company and is part of Allied Group of Companies. Almost all of Viceroy's product line is produced at Viceroy's 250,000 square foot facility located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Viceroy's subsidiary Dresden Industries located in Surrey, B.C., Canada.

Viceroy's manufacturing processes in rubber include rubber mixing, calendring, extrusion, compression moulding, injection moulding, transfer moulding and lathe cutting.

Viceroy's manufacturing processes in plastics include injection moulding, blow moulding and rotational moulding. Viceroy's secondary operations include spray painting, pad printing, screen printing, assembly lines, and a jigs / fixtures machine shop.

Viceroy's sells proprietary products which include hockey products, traffic safety products, jar ring preserving products and railway rubber vibration isolation pads.

Viceroy also provides custom manufacturing services for other companies both in plastics and rubber.

Viceroy's success in custom products is attributed to its diverse level of expertise in rubber and plastics manufacturing processes as well as its ability to provide customers with a full service capability from R&D to assembly, finishing, packing, warehousing and shipping.

Viceroy's goals are to provide customers with quality products and excellent customer service at world competitive pricing.

We strive to achieve these goals by continually developing new and better ways of producing products.

We also operate under the "Viceroy Care and Concern Programme" whereby management undertakes the responsibility to show care and concern for its customers, for its employees and for the environment.